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Mayday {Half Elf} {Pathfinder} Empty Mayday {Half Elf} {Pathfinder}

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Name: Mayday
Age: 12
Alignment: True Neutral

Race: Half Elf
Skin color: Light skinned.
Facial Characteristics: Sharp Elven angular features.
Other Characteristics: Scars on several parts of her body that she keeps hidden.
Strengths: Strong willed, calm and collected.
-I Have a Headache:
Mayday must expend what is called Psyonic Willpower in order to use her abilities. While minor uses such as lifting small objects consume very little, things like lifting large objects and maintaining a shield consume quite a bit. While not using her abilities does allow her to regain willpower slowly, the only way to regain it all is through rest or sleep. It is possible for her to overextend herself, though this is incredibly painful and can cause her to lose consciousness for an extended period of time and the inability to use her abilities until she has rested sufficiently.

Temperament: Calm, mostly emotionless.

Born to a widowed mother, Mayday’s earliest memories were those of hardship and starvation. Her mother, however, did her best to care for Mayday. When her powers started to develop, her mother did her best to nurture them, but having to work constantly meant that this was often neglected. Her mother fell ill one day and was never able to recover. Before her death, a roaming group of knights and warriors loyal to the goddess Iomedae passed through their town, and agreed to take Mayday with them to care for her. For a while Mayday was happy with her new family, particularly her new 'parents', the paladin Tarik and his wife, Reese. They helped Mayday control and develop her abilities, encouraging her to push herself and learn more. As time went on, both Tarik and Reese became more devout in their beliefs, leading the group from town to town spreading their message. When at first they began to save people in danger they would just accept the thanks and let them be on their way, they had now changed to demanding they join the church of Iomedae as payment for their service. Mayday thought this too extreme, but kept quiet so Reese and Tarik's ire wouldn't turn on her. In the meantime, her training became more brutal, and both of her parents, Reese especially, began to beat her if she failed to achieve their goals. When the group started to kill whoever refused to convert, Mayday knew she had to find a way to get out. One day after a brutal fight, Reese turned on Mayday, beating her and telling her she was weak. Mayday, out of desperation, looked into Reese's eyes and using her powers, shattered her psyche. Reese turned into a catatonic husk, and in the chaos, Mayday teleported away and ran as fast as she could, knowing she would be hunted by Tarik and his followers.

Class Skills:
Through her psychic abilities, Mayday has the ability to lift and manipulate objects with her mind alone. During battle, she can turn small objects into projectiles, oftentimes using several small objects in a flurry of attacks. She can also lift and throw larger objects, such as trees and boulders, but this takes a considerable amount of time and energy in comparison. Outside of battle, it is used for simple tasks, such as grabbing an object out of reach or clearing away obstacles. Mayday can even use minor levitation with this ability, and can also use it to save herself from falling from great heights.
This grants Mayday the ability to read surface thoughts of those around her within a certain range. Mayday can also choose to focus on a single target and probe deeper into their thoughts. This also allows Mayday to communicate non verbally with others, with them hearing her voice inside their own mind. This ability can be blocked if the target is aware of what she is doing with high enough willpower. In battle, Mayday can use this ability to predict the moves of her opponents, though this leaves her vulnerable while obtaining the information.
-Telekinetic Shield:
Mayday can summon an invisible wall of psychic energy to block oncoming attacks. While the shield is active, Mayday cannot make any other moves, as her energy is focused on maintaining the shield. The shield can be broken over time by attacks on the shield itself. Depending on the strength of the attack, the breaking of the shield can cause Mayday to be dazed for a few moments and can even cause her damage. She can also use this ability as a shield bash against targets, though this causes the shield to break on its own with the attack.
Mayday can obtain basic information about a target, such as name and age, by looking at a target for a few moments. If she touches the target, she can obtain more complex information, such as a relationship or a detail about their past. While this is similar to Telepathy, Mayday does not invade the mind of the target with this ability.
-Random Surge:
During Mayday’s time with her 'family', they attempted to teach her new abilities. While she has mastered those listed above, she was not able to master everything that she was taught. As such, depending on the situation, certain abilities can be triggered randomly. Mayday has no control over these abilities, and cannot summon them at will.
-Pyrokinesis: Triggered when Mayday is feeling any high emotion. Will ignite the nearest flammable object/person. If nothing can catch fire, this ability does not trigger.
-Divination: Triggered during moments of high stress or at complete random, Mayday can have momentary glimpses into the past or future. Can also be triggered when she enters an area with high amounts of significance, such as battlefields or ruins.
-Apportation: Mayday can randomly teleport objects away/to her, or teleport herself. Triggered randomly.

-Photographic Memory
Mayday can instantly recall anything that she has read or heard.
Due to Mayday’s mostly solitary nature, she has learned how to be an effective thief in order to survive.

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