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Miselda {Half-Elf}{Pathfinder} Empty Miselda {Half-Elf}{Pathfinder}

on Tue Jun 19, 2018 5:35 pm
Name: Miselda
Age: 19
Alignment: CN

Race: Half-Elf

Skin color: Olive/Tan

Facial Characteristics: She keeps her face mostly covered with elaborate clothing, but her green almond shaped eyes can still be seen

Other Characteristics: Under her clothes, Miselda's body in covered in runic tattoos. The spells that she uses commonly are scrawled all over her, considering herself a living spell scroll.

Strengths:  She is nimble, wearing no armor for fear of being weighted down. She is thin and spry, having a typical dancer's build. Though she appears to carry no weapons, her scarf contains countless small blades that she uses as both defense and to attack with.

Weaknesses: Miselda is quick to anger and can hold a grudge for a lifetime. She has been lied to and betrayed many times, but still considers all people worthy of trusting, but those who betray her trust will receive her punishment someday.

Temperament: Typically happy go lucky, always glad to help those in need for a fair price.

Job Class: Bladed Scarf Dancer

Traits: Wielding both a bladed scarf and magic, bladed scarf dancers move through the battlefield quickly and take the most advantage of foes who are slow to react or are poorly defended against her magic. Though lacking in defensive capabilities, they have the means to make a quick getaway should things turn south, being able to quickly step away and ready a spell to counter with and deliver through the long scarf they fight with.

Canny Defense: Forgoing armor, the dancer's defense is best served avoiding being struck at all. As such, her nimble movements and dancing steps allow her to dodge efficiently.

Spirit Step: Upon landing or receiving a particularly debilitating blow, the dancer can magically change locations to a nearby place to begin preparing a spell to finish their foe or gain a second wind.

Dispelling Strike: After ascertaining a magical ability a foe possesses, she can pinpoint pressure points and strike quickly, severing the magic and negating the ability for a short time.

Arcane Tattoos: Forgoing traditional spellcasting, she can only cast the spells that she has inscribed on herself, needing only to know it's location on herself and being able to speak the correct words.

Spirit Fingers: Imbuing her scarf with magic, she can feign an attack to steal most small unattended objects on a person, i.e. gold pouches, spell materials, potion vials..

Twisted Space: Warps the foes perception of their surroundings, making things appear further away or closer, possibly making them attack nothing, an ally, or their intended target.

Raven's Flight: Transforms Miselda into a small raven, allowing her to fly to safety.

Masochistic Shadow: Imparts false life to a foe's shadow, causing it to attack it's owner. Can be dispelled with a light source bright enough to rid them of a shadow.

Weapons: Bladed Scarf

Appearance: Miselda

History: At birth, Miselda was born into relative nobility, the daughter of an eccentric elven Duke and his human wife. They were happy, though it was often wondered by the other nobles how her father came into his wealth, owning no business within the city or any land besides their home within the city's walls. In truth, he wasn't wealthy at all really, he was simply a fantastic gambler with a knack for Illusion magic. Her mother was a former dancer, owned by a slaver, until Miselda's father gambled for and won her freedom. Even as a child, Miselda showed a knack for her father's illusions, though she did not have the ability to perform the art without reading from a scroll, though she studied day and night, and even entered into a magical academy. Her mentor's doubted her ability to ever cast magic naturally beyond that of an initiate level, and she quit the school to her father's dismay. After she had turned 15, a fellow noble family with too much time and money issued an investigation that found Miselda's father responsible for his many "crimes", and he was to be held in prison. Unable to support themselves, Miselda and her mother fell into poverty, making small amounts of gold where they could manage, typically enough to keep them fed, though they often went without. Miselda would sneak into the prison at every opportunity to see her father, who reprimanded her each time, but was in truth happy to see his daughter. She swore to one day spring him from his captivity as he had done for her mother, sneaking into the academy to copy spells from the scrolls. She found an odd artist who told her that he could inscribe the spells on her body, allowing safer keeping. She agreed, and after years of copying scrolls and having the man tattoo the arcane symbols on her in golden ink, she started to think about how best to work towards her father's freedom, picking up more dangerous jobs and seeking out corrupted nobility, causing general mayhem in the lives of those who ruined her's.
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Miselda {Half-Elf}{Pathfinder} Empty Re: Miselda {Half-Elf}{Pathfinder}

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