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Alisandre {Sorceress}{Final Fantasy} Empty Alisandre {Sorceress}{Final Fantasy}

on Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:24 pm
Name: Alisandre
Age: ?
Alignment: LE

Race: Appears to be a Hyur
Skin color: Very pale
Facial Characteristics: Eyes are solid yellow and face and body are covered in dark silver line tattoos
Other Characteristics: Nearly androgynous, but is considered by most to be a female
Strengths: Natural resistance to magic as well as limited telepathy and mind control (easily overcome with a strong will)
Weaknesses: Over-confident to a fault, very egotistical
Temperament: Her mood is typically calm, speaking plainly, but when angered, she turns into a monster of a woman..

Job Class: Sorceress
Traits: Gifted with the power of a sorceress from a former generation, she can wield most known magic, as well as some specific to herself. The power does come at a cost though, leaving her morality and consideration for the rest of the civilized races shattered. All who live are tools to be used to carry out her will.

Spell Disruption: By using her magical supremacy, Alisandre can sunder a magical effect in an item or a boon cast by another for a short time.
Delayed Magic: She can place a spell effect, lingering until the correct moment for it to take effect.
Limited Telepathy/Mind Control: By invading the minds of those near her, she can "speak" with them, implant false memories, or cause the inflicted to respond to her commands. They can never be made to harm themselves however, and sufficient willpower or physical harm breaks them of their trance.

Sorceress Casting: Most Black Magic spells are known to her, as well as some others.

Limit Break:
Shattered Mindscape: When in a position of near death, Alisandre can use the full extent of her powers, forcing those around her into a false world of her creation. While in this place, they are subject to what she brings into being, their bodies taking damage they would be taking in reality, until the magic wears off or they defeat her within her own mind and effectively shatter her psyche, releasing her sorceress power to another.

Weapons: None

Appearance: Alisandre

   Alisandre started life in a small family of fisherman. Their village was fairly secluded and never saw many travelers, just occasional trade boats, so everyone knew each other rather well. When a strange woman came into their village one day, everyone thought it was just an eccentric traveler, and Ali's family took her in, feeding her and keeping her in their care until she was well enough to leave. The young girl and the woman became close, talking about their lives to each other, until a night came that the woman fell even more ill. It was not likely she'd last the night, and when she passed, Ali could hear a strange noise. She went to check on her to see a bizarre light, before it consumed her, knocking her unconscious for several days. None in the village knew of what happened, and she lived with the sorceress' powers, staying within her and not manifesting for several more years. She became a beautiful woman by the age of 16 and left the village to train with the local militia, hoping to earn enough gil to support her family back home. In the midst of a combat practice, her powers manifested, catching several soldiers on fire and freezing a few others. She was instantly branded for what she was, and was kept in a Doctor Odine's care, where he locked on her a medallion that would suppress her abilities. He meant to research her, and he was successful in most of his findings, until after years of torture, her powers manifested again, shattering the medallion and setting her free. With her newfound powers though, combined with the years of torture she spent, her mind was shattered. She found out that it had been 34 years since she had been taken, and her family would never want to see what their daughter had become. Her body became twisted with her mind, taking on a cruel form. She was not ugly, but she was not the beauty she had been years before.. With her newfound knowledge, she set out to the nearest capitol, murdering hundreds within minutes and taking the seat of the leader, declaring herself their new ruler. She ruled with fear for many more years, none daring to stand against her, and any of those who did, being publicly executed. The people lived well enough, as she provided food and shelter for all, but their lives were far from perfect... Though her powers kept her from aging like others and had given her a longer than normal lifespan, she could begin to feel her mind unraveling, her body finally beginning to reject her power for want of death. Alisandre wasn't upset about dying, but she couldn't let herself die without finding a proper prodigy to impart with her powers. There had to be someone to carry on her will, so she began rounding up every female child she could, commanding the armies to take them away from their families. She currently resides in a city far to the north named Mysidia, protected by her army and a small team of mages that she has trained personally, waiting for the one who would take her power so that she may finally rest.
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Alisandre {Sorceress}{Final Fantasy} Empty Re: Alisandre {Sorceress}{Final Fantasy}

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