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Alistair Belfonte{Hyur}{Final Fantasy} Empty Alistair Belfonte{Hyur}{Final Fantasy}

on Mon Jun 18, 2018 1:46 pm
Name: Allistair Belfonte
Alignment: CG

Race: Hyur
Skin color:Tanned
Facial Characteristics: Scar across his right eye,
Other Characteristics: Sandy blonde hair.

Job Class: Machinist
Traits: Mechanically skilled, Pro with weapons.


Heartbreak: Finish off a critically injured foe.
Overheat: Shot a hyper hot round from your barrel dealing fire bleed damage
Walking Armory: Allows the ability to summon weapons out of thin air. Only one at a time.  
Frag Round: Fire a high calibre shot from your barrel dealing heavy damage.
Scatter Shot: Deliver a shotgun like blast from your rifle.

Turret: Launch an automatic gun turret that deals damage.
Land Mine: Deploy a land mine trap.
Sniper Shot: Fire long range using a high powered rifle.

Limit Break(Final Fantasy Only):  Fire Brand:Under times of great danger a Machinist can unleash a powerful blast of fire from their barrel .
Weapons: Land mine, Turret, Standard Rifle, Sniper rifle.
Appearance: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/401805597983233074/
History: Nomadic and lonesome, Allistair travels as a hired gun. Though he never takes jobs that are shady. He mostly deals in protection and rescue operations.
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