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Theodore Albrecht Maximilian Weisshaupt IV {Hyur}{Final Fantasy} Empty Theodore Albrecht Maximilian Weisshaupt IV {Hyur}{Final Fantasy}

on Mon Jun 18, 2018 2:50 pm
Name: Theodore Albrecht Maximilian Weisshaupt IV
Age: 24
Alignment: Neutral Good (With Lawful tendencies?)

Race: Hyur/Human
Skin color: Lightly Tanned
Facial Characteristics: Clean shaven and well maintained, with an unfortunate case of resting bitch face.
Weaknesses: Proving himself worthy of his family name
Temperment: Defender of the Weak and Downtrodden

Job Class: Magicite Knight
Traits: A school of knights that shores up their magical weaknesses by specializing in the use of materia. With special training they can even fuse the materia into themselves, giving them access to more variety than your standard person.
Materia Infusion - The ability to fuse materia with your body to access their latent powers and provide bonuses

Materia Detection - The ability to detect and identify materia

Materia Master - The ability to draw out and use the full potential of materia

Knightly Training - Martial mastery over several weapons and fighting styles, including armor and shields

Magic Resistance - Given their mixing of knightly training and magic, Magicite Knights are inherently resistant to   said magics.

Thunder Materia - Gives access to Lightning Magic

Ice Materia - Gives access to Ice Magic

Time Materia - Gives access to Haste/Slow/Stop magic

Limit Break(Final Fantasy Only): Magicite Mastery - When in dire straights, the Magicite Knight can activate all of his junctioned materia at once, unleashing a barrage of magic that leaves most foes in the dust.

Weapons: Bastard Sword and Shield

Appearance: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/480266747752353970/

History: The only son from a long line of Ivalician Knights, Theodore Albrecht Maximilian Weisshaupt IV, is the only heir to the Weisshaupt name and title. No expense was spared in his education but Theo wanted more with the world. One of the private tutors that was hired, a man by the name of Winston Heady, was the Master, and only surviving member of the Order of the Magicite Knights. During his tutelage, young Theo became attached to the aged master, and begged him to teach him how to be a knight. Though Theo's father, Lord Theodore Albrecht Maximilian Weisshaupt III, had  been also instructing the young noble, Theo took to Sir Winston's training with much more gusto. As the years passed, Theo came into his own as a knight, of the magicite variety, and was eventually given knighthood by the local Marquis, which had made his father very proud. Now he was on his own journey, just to find exactly what it meant to be a knight.

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Theodore Albrecht Maximilian Weisshaupt IV {Hyur}{Final Fantasy} Empty Re: Theodore Albrecht Maximilian Weisshaupt IV {Hyur}{Final Fantasy}

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