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Yugelu {Garif}{Final Fantasy} Empty Yugelu {Garif}{Final Fantasy}

on Mon Jun 18, 2018 8:57 pm
Name: Yugelu
Age: 42 (27 by Hyur standards)
Alignment: NG

Race: Garif
Skin color: Light Brown
Facial Characteristics: Yugelu's mask is decorated with geomantic symbols and natural vines, with beads and crystals hanging on short strings from the vines.
Other Characteristics: He is slightly small for a Garif, but still taller than most humanoids, standing at 6'4". He stands with a bit of a hunch, due to the weight of his mask, but is still surprisingly spry. It's impossible to tell what his facial expressions might be, but he's adapted his body language to make it easier for others around him.
Strengths: Resistant to overly warm and cold weather, due to living in the elements
Temperament: Yugelu is typically a peaceful traveler, slow to anger under most circumstances, and kind to a fault. He's very understanding of the feelings of others, typically using his abilities to aid fellow travelers.

History: Yugelu was gifted with a natural pull to Geomancy, able to perform various small tricks even as a child, which with the help of the elders was grown into a more powerful art. He was only ever asked that he only ever use his abilities in the defense of himself and others, remaining peaceful and occasionally acting as a guide for travelers through the harsh desert the village was located in. There were never many visitors, but he loved getting the chance to speak with them anytime he could, being curious about life outside of the desert. On a particularly long outing, he had the chance to speak with a quite interesting group who had come from a nearby capitol to speak with the Chief on the workings of magicite, who had turned them away, leaving Yugelu to escort them safely out of the desert, making sure they would actually leave. On his return, he found his village razed, his fellow Garif and several armored soldiers laid low on the sands. He was in shock at first, the thought of revenge instantly coming to mind as he removed his mask for the first time he could remember, but he placed the mask back on, remembering the word of the elders to remain ever peaceful. He gave proper burial to the villagers and the soldiers alike, and began traveling, unsure at first where to go or what he was actually doing.

Job Class: Geomancer
Traits: Geomancers harness the power of nature itself, manifested in their different terrain attacks.

Terrain: By ringing his handbell and issuing a small chant, Yugelu can gain a small amount of control of the surrounding natural terrain.
Revert: Returns the surrounding landscape to it's natural form, fixing any damage done by weaponry or harmful activities.
Geomantic Healing: Through continuous chanting and focusing, Yugelu can slowly close all but the most grievous wounds, the more deep the cut, the longer it takes to heal.
Living Compass: Through his innate sense of direction and knowing the flow of the land, Yugelu can almost always accurately pinpoint his location.
De-corruption: By spending an amount of time in an area, Yugelu can perform a ceremony to remove various corruptions from the natural area around him, be they magical or disease/poison.

Geo-Wall: By focusing, Yugelu can raise a short, but sturdy 10' wide wall from the ground, protecting himself and others nearby from most ranged attacks. If his focus is broken, the wall returns to the ground.
Geo-Focus: Creates a small area of magically charged terrain, enabling mages who stand within the circle (including Yugelu) to cast more effectively.
Geo-Regen: Creates a small area of refreshing natural energy, healing those within it to a lesser extent than Yugelu's Geomantic Healing.

Limit Break(Final Fantasy Only): Earthpulse: In times of need, Yugelu can call the land around him to provide succor to his allies, appearing differently in different terrains, but always instantly healing all but fatal wounds.

Weapons: Yugelu carries a large handbell, but he also carries a club which he rarely uses.
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Yugelu {Garif}{Final Fantasy} Empty Re: Yugelu {Garif}{Final Fantasy}

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