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Jirai {Fallen Angel} {Pathfinder} Empty Jirai {Fallen Angel} {Pathfinder}

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Name: Jirai (His angelic name is lost)
Age: Appears 19 (Is actually 317)
Alignment: True Neutral

Race: Fallen Angel
Skin color: Fair Skin
Facial Characteristics: Clean shave and void of emotion (most of the time)
Other Characteristics: Wings that appear to be soot-stained, white hair
Feathered Wings used for flight
Superhuman Strength and Toughness
Natural Magic Resistance (Both friend and foe)
Especially resistant to both Divine and Profane magics
Immortality - Cannot die of old age, immune to poison/disease, but can still be killed. (Does have to eat/breathe/sleep)
Can be bound and summoned like any other outsider
Any effect that damages angels, or other celestial beings, damages him as if he was one
Wielding Holy or Profane weapons weakens and injures Jirai
Temperment: Most fallen angels tend to be good natured, though that doesn't stop them from expanding to any morality path.

Job Class: Ex-Divine Assassin
Traits: A Divine Assassin is what many in the church and heavens consider an necessary evil. Masters of infiltration, they root out evil doers and dark cults, eliminating them before they become a bigger problem than they already are.
Master of a Thousand Faces - The ability to blend in seamlessly with society. A person with this skill could be that street urchin, the wise-woman, or the traveling merchant. Initially difficult to impersonate specific individuals, masters of this skill may do even that.
Assassinate - A self explanatory skill. After observing a target for a short period of time, the assassin can deliver a powerful blow that will either kill or incapacitate most targets.
Shadow Step - An advanced assassination technique that allows its user to teleport between shadows, often used to deliver the Assassinate technique.
Master Infiltrator - An amalgamation of skills privy to the roguish types: Lock picking, trap finding, stealth, etcetera
Steel and Silk - A master of many weapons and of wearing little to no armor. The better strategy is to parry and dodge, rather than be hit and trust in iron.
Mind of the Fallen - A trick Jirai has picked up, unique to his fallen angel status. The ability to turn mental coercion magics back on the caster.
Hands of the Fallen - Though fallen, Jirai has retained his angelic healing ability. Not unlimited, as he is no longer connected to the light of Heaven, he can heal many serious wounds and cure afflictions and diseases.
Eyes of the Fallen - With his eyes opened to the corruption of Heaven, Jirai can see through most illusions, including the shape changing that Celestials and Infernals do to infiltrate the material plane.

Pair of Daggers he retained when he fell, now darkened, like his wings
Composite Longbow and a variety of different types of arrows
Four braces of masterfully crafted kunai
Mithril Guandao

Appearance: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/528398968751557390/

History: Jirai used to be a heavenly servant. Sent from the heavens to destroy evil within the material plane. One of the few who had continued interactions with many mortals. Some he would even call friends. However, he was being called into use, more and more, helping eradicate 'heretics and traitors' within the Church of Sarenrae. Never having reason to question his superiors, he carried out his missions with no regrets, until one day, a Paladin that he had traveled with much in the human's younger years was his next target. That gave him pause, but his elder's assured him that his friend had indeed fallen. So, he did it. Jirai went to his old friends house, and killed him in the name of his goddess. On the table next to where his friend died, there was a letter, addressed to the angel himself: Dear Friend Jirai, If you are reading this, it is because you have fulfilled your bidding, and purged the traitor. However, you know that I would never forsake the Lady of Redemption. Those who are above you, those issuing your orders. Those are the real villains. I forgive you for taking my life, I have lived a full one, and saved many others. I can only ask that you forgive yourself. Goodby, my friend.

Now incensed and disillusioned, the former agent of change returned to heaven, knives in hand. Upon meeting with his elder, his anger was only met with cold, calculating displeasure, "You have failed me. Which is unfortunate. You were a very useful tool. Luckily for you, I cannot dispose of you without Her permission. So, instead, I banish you. No longer will Heaven call you home and no longer will you abide in its boughs." Raising his hand, the Corrupted Archangel cast Jirai out, erasing him from the ledger. This would not be the end of it, however. When he landed, he was immediately beset by devils, further cementing the Archangel's corruption. Killing his attackers, he was wounded in the fray, and found by a young farmer. Who took him in and nursed him back to health. Thanking him, Jirai left, completely disillusioned with Heaven, and, in turn, Hell. Now he just wanted to be left alone, at least by the reigning powers that be. He has gotten very good at avoiding, or eliminating, celestials and infernals in his century of banishment. Now again the gears of fate had plans for him. So it begins again.
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Jirai {Fallen Angel} {Pathfinder} Empty Re: Jirai {Fallen Angel} {Pathfinder}

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